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We've turned fun beady beads into bespoke bead kits for you to enjoy. 
Explore creativeness whilst developing fine motor skills.          

Our Bead Bucket Kits contain everything you need to make your own bracelet and necklace along with a tidy little tin bucket to keep your beads in, saving them from a life under the sofa! Bead kits are tailored to suit different age groups, styles and tastes. 

Beads are a fantastic way for children to get crafty and express their individual creativeness. Great for gifts, home schooling, wedding favours, kids parties or simply something creative and fun for them to do. 

Lady bird bead mix - £6.99Bead kits start from just £2.99, or 100 loose beads for just £4.50.

Novelty Kitty cat bead bucket kit - makes a necklace and bracelet

"Bead kits are brilliant, novel gifts for kids of all ages!"

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